FITNESS COMPETITION: (Mrs. & Ms): Aerobic Wear
May be any color, one or two piece, long or short, one or more pieces.
May not be a thong.
Tennis shoes, athletic or keds. Recommended (not required) any color tennis shoes or socks.
May not wear high-heel tennis shoes.

33 1/3% figure, fitness, posture, confidence. During your year as a state titleholder your schedule will be very demanding, being physical fit is a very important part of the competition. Try to take 15 minutes out of your day to do something physical. Judges score from 1-10.

PRIVATE INTERVIEW: (Mrs., Ms.): Interview suit (May be a dress, pantsuit or suit with skirt) or nice business style dress. 33 1/3% of your score is based on how well you show the judges your ability to articulate, show confidence, as well as your overall personality and appearance. Many questions during your interview may come from your application form. Judges score from 1-10.

EVENING GOWN: (Mrs., Ms.,): floor length gown any color any style.
33% 1/3 of your score is based on your poise, posture and overall look, how well your carry yourself as well as how well your choice of gown compliments you.
Judges score from 1-10.

ONE LAST LOOK/ON STAGE QUESTION: (Mrs., Ms.): this area of competition the judges will get a chance to give you a score from 1-5 for their overall impression of you throughout the competition. There is no question asked in the area of competition.

OPENING NUMBER: (Mrs., Ms): You do not have to be a dancer. Contestants should select something in a cocktail dress style  in a gem color
  (please select solid colors). You may have glitter on it or have it plain but no other colors not even white.

SCORING SYSTEM: (Mrs., Ms.): 331/3% fitness, 33 1/3% evening gown, 331/3% private interview. The judge will get one last look at all the contestants where they will award 1-5 points, which is added to their final score and a winner and runner ups will be chosen.

APPEARANCES: (Mrs., Ms.): When you receive your banner it is time to make appearances. Go to your local newspaper or Chamber of Commerce and find the local happenings in your community. Select the things that fit into your schedule and that interest you. It could be a parade, Special Olympics or Grand Opening to a new business. What ever it is, you will be a strong and positive addition to the event.

JUDGES: We take a great deal of pride in selecting our judges. This is a very important job and we take it very seriously. The type of judges we select have been selected based on their credentials and their ability to select a person that is the best choice based on the overall performance of the contestant. The women selected will be the best representative of all the contestants that have competed that year.

SPONSORSHIP: Entrance fee can be paid by the contestant or may be paid by sponsors. What does a sponsor get in return for giving you money for your entrance fee. This is up to you. The best way is by doing an appearance or appearances in exchange. Most business would have to pay a model for appearances, why not you. You can model clothing, sign composite cards, greet people at the door, etc.

PLAT FORM: platform is something you do for someone or group that means a lot to you. Do I have to have a platform: No you do not have to have a platform. It is always nice to do nice things in your community and there are many ways to do that. Volunteering in anyway on an ongoing bases can be considered a platform.

WHAT DO I NEED TO GET STARTED: You need to get your application in with your $50.00 application fee & photo. Everyone competing in the state competition will represent the area that they live. There is a lot of pride representing your city in the state event and we are proud of you. After we receive your application, additional paperwork. will follow.

WHAT IF I NEED HELP: Everyone needs help from time to time. Email is always the best form of contact or you may leave a message on our toll free line at: 1-800 384-3600

Toll Free - 1-800 384-3600   E-mail:

PHOTO: Everyone needs to send a photo with their application. Can I change my head shot. Yes, you may change your head shot as long as it is turned in before photo deadline date indicated paperwork. This photo is used for the photogenic competition and cannot be changed after the photo deadline date.


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